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ot genasis net worth


Ot Genasis who is also known as Odis Oliver Flores, who is the most popular HipHop artist. Basically his profession is both rapper and songwriter. And his career has lifted him up, since the last seven year and he has achieved so many awards and ventures since 2011 and up-to-date.


He was born 18th of June, 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia, United states of America. Basically he grew up in California in Long beach. And he learned so much, like how to live or survive and how to navigate on the street. And Odis Oliver Flores previously said in his interview that he was so busy with music and he stayed away from trouble.

At the age of 19 he was able to earn money and never saw the door of school. That’s why higher study is just a dream for him, basically he spent his time struggling and earning for his survival and later we all know music is part of his life.


As we know, he keeps himself busy in music and writing songs, which is kicked off in his back life when he was living in Long beach. He also works with influential people like Snoop Dog, jay-Z and Tupac. Which is making him more focused about his career and he is always focusing on his career and survival tactics. At age of 19 he matured and started earning and could now survive at own circumstances.

 And now OT Genasis decided to dedicate his music and explore in this field  which has made him the best musician or rapper in the entertainment industry and then later  he made a deal for one of his tracks, Jackie chan. And he comes back with no deal in the street.

IN 2011, OT Genasis signed a contract with Gunit Record, this label released him in  his solo mixtape in 2012. The busta rhyme Conglomerate later signed him. and after the release of Genasis, his singles, which include Touchdown.

He achieved more awards and became the 20th position in billboard out of 100. And after that OT Genasis who is still working hard for music.


As of now, his total net worth is upto five million dollars since the past 7 years ago when he started his career in music and that’s what made him great artist and maintain his wealth.

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