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Aquarium hobbyists may now buy fish and plants online, thanks to the internet and quick shipment. Many online retailers provide services such as guaranteed live delivery and even overnight shipment. It’s not always the situation, which is one of the reasons it’s critical to pick the right online business for your needs.

Different stores offer varying product quality, options, and delivery policies. All of these factors influence the store’s functionality, including whether any one of the items you purchase arrives in one piece at your home.

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking the finest place to purchase fish online. In this post, we look at ten of the top online fish businesses available right now, based on their assortment, quality, and guarantees, among other factors. If you’re looking for a fish-related item, several of these stores are likely to have it.

  1. Live Aquaria

Live Aquaria offers one of the most diverse product lines on the market. There are several types of fish, as well as plants, coral, cleaning packs, and other items. It most likely has all you require. It has a sale area, but it frequently offers a deal on certain things as well. It also offers free delivery on purchases above $149, which is a wonderful perk if you’re purchasing a lot of fish that are pricey to transport.

It frequently gives free stuff in exchange for particular purchases. It may, for example, offer certain plants if you buy a certain fish. If you buy a particular amount of fish food, it can give you a storage container.

For obvious reasons, all of its live plants and edibles must be sent overnight. Frozen goods are frequently sent overnight to maintain their frozen state. All of its live items, including plants, insects, live rocks and sand, corals, and various fish, come with a warranty. It takes great care when transporting its goods. On most goods, it even gives a 7-day warranty, which covers any damage that occurs during shipment.

It features a large resource collection that covers a wide range of its goods. There are also recommendations for acclimating fish and other such things. Overall, we believe this is the greatest online fish store this year.


• 7-day warranty on fish, plants, corals, and invertebrates 

• Large range of items 

• Free delivery for orders over $149 

• Constant sales 

• 7-day warranty on fish, plants, corals, and invertebrates 


• The website might be a little overwhelming.

  1. Aquatic Arts

Aquatic Arts aren’t your typical online fish shop. It sells high-quality, well-cared-for fish. Its delivery is excellent. It doesn’t export animals during particular times of the year when the weather could be too harsh for them. Its delivery is slightly more costly than other retailers since it provides very efficient insulation with each package. You get exactly what you paid for.

It sends out a newsletter with exclusive deals. If you are a collector, it may be worthwhile to sign up for this to guarantee that you do not miss out on special offers and discounts.

It has a segment on its website dedicated to sales, where it frequently provides substantial savings. It has a somewhat large assortment of freshwater fish, snails, plants, crabs, and other species. Its assortment isn’t as extensive as some other retailers. Its quality, on the other hand, is superior.

It provides a live arrival assurance and ships its goods with care. Its animals are well-cared for and, on average, healthier than those obtained from other sources. However, when compared to alternative solutions, it is quite costly. This is why it was ranked second on our list. While the quality is excellent, you will pay a premium for it, but buying from one of the finest online freshwater fish retailers may be worthwhile.


• High-quality 

• Consistent sales 

• Newsletter 

• High-quality shipping sections 

• Guaranteed live delivery


• Expensive

  1. Tropical Imperials

Imperial Tropicals is amongst the most established online fish retailers. Its headquarters are in Florida, and it’s been doing this since 1970. If you live in the southeast United States, you may take advantage of flat-rate delivery, which is far less expensive than shipping from other retailers. If you are located elsewhere, you may be required to pay an additional fee. Depending on the region, the amount varies.

It offers a genuine arrival guarantee that applies to anything it has in store. However, you must photograph the fish within two hours after getting it. It also features a section that shows photographs of the actual fish you’ll get when you make your order, which is helpful if you’re hesitant about buying fish online. Breeding couples are occasionally included in this section.

It has a lot of aquatic plants, however, most of them are ordinary. It doesn’t have a lot of exotics. It does, however, provide a few unusual invertebrates for fresh-water tanks, so that is a plus.

Its Social media is the greatest location to find coupon codes and other pertinent information. It has a social media presence.


• Flat-rate delivery in some places 

• Live arrival promise 

• A wide range of fish 

• High shipping standards


• Not a lot of sales

• Plant diversity is limited.

  1. The Wet Spot Tropical Fish

Wet Spot Tropical Fish is more than just an internet shop. It also operates a physical location in Portland. It has a strong internet presence and is well-known among online fish orderers.

It doesn’t have a large selection. Cichlids, tetras, and catfish are the most common species. This shop is ideal for those who are interested in these fish. It does have a few other types of fish, but these appear to be its major resource.

For certain less-expensive fish, such as livebearers, minimum orders are needed. You’ll need to buy a lot of them to be able to place an online order. If you’re seeking to stock a brand-new tank, this is a wonderful option, but it won’t be perfect. If you only need a few fish, this is the place to go.

It features a good variety of flora. It isn’t enormous, but it has most of what you’d anticipate. It has both in-demand and rare species, so you can find almost anything to suit your needs.

It does promise a live arrival, but it isn’t as excellent as some other businesses. It isn’t, for example, a 14-day guarantee. There are a few exclusions for sensitive shippers as well. It claims that because these fish don’t do well in shipping, it won’t be able to honor its guarantee.


• Reasonable costs 

• Guaranteed live arrival 

• Good plant choices 

• Good diversity of some species of fish


• Limited assortment compared to other retailers 

• Exceptions to the live arrival guarantee

  1. Aquarium Plants Factory

Aquarium Plants Factory is the best place to go if you’re looking for aquarium plants. This shop sells a wide range of high-quality aquarium plants. It carries both popular species and rare species that are practically impossible to obtain anywhere else, even at specialized stores. All of its plants are grown on its farm and picked the same day they ship, increasing the likelihood of healthy plants arriving at your door.

It provides a variety of discounts, also with a “Buy 2, Gets 1” bargain on several of its plants. This reduces the cost of purchasing large quantities of carpeting plants. Plant shipping is also free, saving you a lot of money when trying to compare to other retailers.

It also has a few fish, although the selection is limited. For the most part, it only has a few plant-safe invertebrates. It does, however, feature a few fish that are commonly used in aquascaping.

It also sells stony and soft corals for saltwater aquariums. Many of the corals are captive kinds, which are more environmentally friendly than corals obtained from the wild.


• A large selection of plants 

• Free delivery 

• Several BOGO offers 

• Saltwater and freshwater plants


• A variety of little fish

• There is no assurance of live arrival.

  1. The Shrimp Farm

The Shrimp Farm specializes in shrimp and other invertebrates, as the name implies. This is an unusual niche, but it appears to be working out rather nicely. It is among the fastest-growing shrimp wholesalers, with businesses in both the United States and Canada.

It sells live shrimp as well as shrimp-related products such as feeding dishes. It’s essentially a one-stop-shop for fresh shrimp and everything you’ll need to keep them healthy.

It is able to provide a flat-rate delivery price of $9.99 depending on the nature of its operation. This is true regardless of how much shrimp you purchase, and it is among the most affordable shipping costs we’ve seen. Shrimp is, of course, simpler to ship than other species, which is perhaps why it can keep prices so low.

Shipping typically takes 1-3 days. It does, however, ensure live arrival. Unlike other retailers, it will give you a cash refund rather than a store credit if you buy a dead fish. This is a lot more beneficial, especially if you don’t want to buy a single shrimp that perished during shipping.


• A large range of shrimp 

• Low shipping costs 

• Direct reimbursements for any dead shrimp


• Only shrimp are available 

• Other distributors are outmatched.

  1. Aquarium Co-Op

The freshwater fish-keeping community is the focus of the Aquarium Co-Op. It specializes in freshwater tropical fish and aquatic plants. This firm is owned by a well-known YouTuber who frequently offers aquarium-related material. It is open and honest about its operations, including shipping methods and fish handling.

It has a local business that sells fish, but it does not have an internet site. It does not currently transport any live fish. It does, however, have a large assortment of freshwater tank supplies. It’s likely to have everything you’re looking for. It carries specialty brands that are hard to come by elsewhere. It also provides a large fish food variety with almost everything, including hard-to-find insect-based feeds.

There are a few plants available. Although it does sell unusual types, the majority of them are what you’d anticipate. It stores its plants in a tank with algae-eating snails and fish, reducing the number of algae on your plants when you first get them.


• A large supply selection 

• A good plant selection 

• Transparency


• There are no fish available 

• There is no assurance of a live arrival (though this is less essential when you aren’t buying fish).

  1. Aquabid

Aquabid is one of the top online fish businesses in terms of sheer variety! Unfortunately, they don’t have a large selection of saltwater fish, but they do have a little bit of everything else.

Aquabid has everything from fancy Thai Bettas to wild South American Cichlids, uncommon Killifish variations, and even native American fish.

Because it is an auction-based service, prices may naturally fluctuate. Many sellers, on the other hand, set their starting bid at the Buy It Now price, thereby turning the auction into a one-time purchase rather than an auction.

Shipping costs and guarantees differ based on the vendor and the destination. Keep in mind that rates on Aquabid are frequently higher. Many vendors are amateurs who do not have access to wholesaler-level savings on goods and delivery.

Aquabid dealers are also more likely to have a larger assortment of rare plants, such as specialist mosses and bulb species.

You have accessibility to seller feedback, which may help first-time buyers relax, as well as information on their location, much as on eBay. The majority of wholesalers give images of not just the specific fish for sale, but also of their facilities. Aquabid also sells supplies, including test kits, heaters, pumps, and fish food. This is a one-stop-shop for all aquarium-related needs.


• Easy-to-use website 

• Notification feature 

• You may tell them which transhipped you wish to use.


• The Aquabid site’s UI isn’t as responsive while bidding.

  1. eBay

While eBay is well-known for being a location where you can purchase almost anything, many people are astonished to hear that it also has a great selection of exotic fish for sale. Even specialized aquarium retailers have problems finding fish from breeders and distributors all around the world.

If Bettas are your thing, you can order hundreds of different species from Thailand and have them delivered right to your home. African Cichlids, unusual Plecos, and even peat-filled tubs of annual Killifish eggs may all be found readily and at reasonable costs.

The only significant issue is shipping through eBay, as sellers may utilize a variety of services, some of which may be harmful to your fish.

The majority of exotic aquarium fish vendors on eBay are wholesalers and breeders. In the event of shipment delays, however, casual hobbyists hoping to sell a few baby fish may not be able to offer the insulation or increased oxygen levels necessary.

Checking seller feedback and any related websites might help alleviate any concerns you may have about buying on eBay. It remains one of the top online fish retailers because of the low costs, quick customer service, and specialty fish accessibility!

There are usually fish, shrimp, plants, corals, and supplies accessible.


• Almost any type of betta fish may be found for sale.

• You receive a favorable vendor feedback rating, which indicates the supplier’s level of confidence.


• Not all merchants ship to all countries.

• If the betta is dead when it arrives, just the cost of the fish will be reimbursed, not the shipping charges.

  1. Goldfish and King Koi

King Koi and Goldfish is a family-owned company situated in the United States that has been in operation since 2016. They are recognized for having the most unique and exotic Bettas and Fancy Goldfish available on the internet. They even sell Ranchu and Oranda goldfish in the exhibition size. They also offer koi fish, although I’m not sure how good their koi quality is. Their quarantine technique is one of the things that sets them different.

This is one of the only online stores with a huge assortment of Betta Fish that doesn’t need dealing with importers. It’s difficult to find a good what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) supplier of Bettas, King Koi, and Goldfish, but this one succeeds. They collaborate with elite breeders to find one-of-a-kind Bettas. There’s a lot of comfort in knowing that you’re not taking a chance with an overseas vendor who could ship fish in poor condition or infested with viruses.


• A broad stock range 

• Positive customer reviews 

• Care papers


• Expensive


As an internet retailer, has a long track record. It’s a US-based company that specializes in saltwater fish. They’ve been around since the beginning and have developed their own community with a message board where consumers can exchange advice on saltwater fish maintenance. They sell a wide range of saltwater fish, as well as corals, live rock, inverts, and reef tank supplies.

They are a saltwater fish business that will guarantee your fish for 15 days. These assurances from suppliers like SWF are one of the main reasons I now buy most of my saltwater fish online. Many local fish markets will not provide you with this assurance. It’s the most relaxing activity you can have.

They send all of their fish by FedEx overnight, and shipping is free if you purchase $99 or more. That may appear to be a large sum, but saltwater fish are costly. With two fish, or even one, it’s rather simple to reach that level. You can understand why that assurance is so crucial today! No one wants to spend more than $100 on a fish that dies the next day, wasting their money!

These folks genuinely care, as evidenced by their over 4,200 Trustpilot evaluations. When you’re out shopping, give them a chance. You will not be dissatisfied! They are one of the most reputable online fish retailers.


• The packaging is of excellent quality.

• Option to pay via PayPal


• Arrival Disappointment


We propose Live Aquaria for general shopping (and even specialty goods). It features the largest selection on the market, as well as excellent delivery standards and excellent warranties.

Another top-tier fish store that we suggest is Aquatic Arts. Its fish are of exceptional quality, and it ships with considerable caution. It is, however, rather pricey.

The specialist businesses in our ratings, such as The Shrimp Farm, are excellent if you’re seeking certain things.


Q. Is ordering fish online safe?

Don’t be concerned about your fish surviving shipping to your house; most fish retailers have their fish transported to them as well. Your fish should be all right as long as the merchant uses safe shipping techniques.

Q. Is it possible to buy fish online in India?

AQUA Store is a purchasing software for aquarium fish and aquarium plants. Aquastore sells aquarium fish and plants online and ships them all across India. We are now exclusively selling online.

Q. How long can fish survive in transit?

To regulate the temperature, it’s usual advice to float the bag with your newly acquired fish, however, this makes no sense. Why am I making this statement? Fish that have been properly wrapped can easily survive 2-3 days in a bag.

Q. Is buying fish online cheaper?

Yes, buying online may appear to be less expensive at first sight. The reason for this is simple: they have a lot less expensive and do a lot more business, especially with live animals.

Q. How do you transport fish?

1. Half-fill a plastic sealed bag with water, add the fish, and close the bag securely.

2. Place the fish and water-filled bag in a watertight inner container, such as an insulated styrofoam box.

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